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All proceeds of the book go to Happy Home Orphanage in Puttaparthy, India

"Thank You India" is the story of an abrupt karmic comeuppance I experienced in 2012, and of the shocking beauty which unexpectedly blossomed forth from my falling and badly shattering my right femur (twice!) in a small village in South India.


 This book is illustrated with the artwork I made while I spent the better part of my eight months in India confined to a small bed in a two-room apartment. My formerly globe-trotting and independent self was reduced in a few seconds to the state of a helpless infant, who was now utterly dependent on others for pretty much everything. I had nothing but three nightgowns, four bedpans, an iPad, some water color pencils and paper. It was a lot like being in a nun's cell--but with art supplies! 


This is a tale of how the tragic got unexpectedly transformed into magic through the healing power of love, art, and community.

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"The layout and the reproductions of the paintings sparkle and come through beautifully, crisp and evocative. The colors are very rich and saturated. They are so fresh: sweet, innocent, knowing, sensuous and affectionate. They put you in mind of Chagall’s fancy and floating dreaminess and Grandma Moses' naivete. I feel the pain, astonishment and bewilderment when you slip, fall, shatter your femur and find yourself alone. But even then you start to rally so quickly and start extracting so much which is positive. The description of your rescue including the sights, sounds, the life and smells of the street and the ingenuity, concern, good-natured confusion and curiosity is so vivid. No wonder you love India." ~ Jonathan Gold

"I looked long at the pictures and began to read, as I was reading I had to stop as the tears came, I cried several times during your story but not from sadness. I cried because of a deep connection I felt with the changes you were going through and your acceptance and embrace of what was taking place. As I read on I also laughed along with your buoyant sense of humor. It brought back those first months when I "found" you on face book and the treasure chest of people you met while you were there as well as good long time friends. You have brought me ideas, concepts and introduced me to a courage I hope I have as well." ~ Katherine Gullett

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